There are 11 teaching staff, 8 Classroom Teachers and 3 Learning Support/Resource Teachers. The Principal who is responsible for the internal organisation of the school and all day to day administration. There are 4 Special Needs Assistants in the school. There is also a Secretary and a Caretaker.

Our school staff are a dedicated team and work diligently for the good of all our pupils. We are also committed to on-going staff development.

The following is the list of present staff in the school:

School Staff

Teaching Staff

  • Colman Lane (Acting Principal)
  • Kathleen Murphy (Acting Vice Principal)
  • Karen O Sullivan (Teacher)
  • Karen O Brien (Resource Teacher)
  • Ruth O Brien( Resource Teacher)
  • Ms. O’ Hanlon (Teacher)
  • Rachel Galvin (Resource Teacher)
  • Jane Mills (Teacher )
  • James O’ Donnell (Teacher)
  • Danielle Fox (Teacher)
  • Lisa Lucey (Teacher)
  • Claire O Connor (Teacher)
  • Donna Stokes (Teacher)


Special Needs Staff

  • Catriona Drislane (SNA)
  • Georgina Aherne (SNA)
  • Avril Kiely (SNA)
  • Olivia Murphy (SNA)

Ancillary Staff

  • Cathy Ryan (Secretary)
  • Michael Duignan (Caretaker)