Active Flag

Active School Flag Programme

Our school participates in the Active Schools Flag (ASF) programme,established to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community.The programme aims to get more schools,more active,more often.We have been involved with the Active Schools Flag Programme since 2012.We achieved our first Active flag in 2013 and our second Active flag in 2018.

Each year we set up a new Active Schools Committee comprising of pupils from 3rd to 6th class,teachers and SNA’s.The role of the committee is to work together to encourage the children to be physically active more often in a variety of fun activities.

Our Active Code is

It’s Good to Run,It’s Good to Play

Keep Us Active Everyday!

The Active Committee pupils did a great job of making posters of ‘The Active Code’ to display around the school.Thanks very much to Laura,Tommy,James,Hannah and Dexter.

orange (1)  


Our PE Curriculum: All classes are timetabled for one hour of PE per week.Our aim is to achieve a physically educated and physically active school.We teach the six strands of the PE curriculum.These include Games,Athletics,Dance,Gymnastics,Aquatics and Outdoor & Adventure Activities. We have taken a whole school approach to teaching the strands and each month we teach a different strand of the PE curriculum. We have also incorporated a different Fundamental Movement Skill to teach along with the PE strand for each month.All teachers use the Primary Schools Sports Initiative lesson plans and the Move Well Move Often resources.

We have many Active School initiatives taking place in the school throughout the year to enhance our PE curriculum and to provide extra time and opportunities for the children to be active.These activity breaks include bizzy breaks,go noodle,1km a day,active lines 10@10,rainy day breaks,Slí na Sláinte and golden time on Fridays. We also invite outside coaches from our local community and the Cork Sports Partnership to our school who provide taster sessions in a variety of sports to the classes eg: basketball,soccer,tug of war,rugby,athletics,football and hurling.

PE Journals: 3rd Class started their PE Journals in September. Each month the children write up a reflection about their PE strand and fundamental movement skill they have learned and mastered over the month.The children draw pictures to accompany their writing.The PE Journals are a great idea to help children become aware of what skills they are learning in PE.We use the PE Journals as a form of pupil and teacher assessment.


Active Playgrounds

Zoned Play Areas: We have our school yard zoned into two areas,one half is for Junior Infants to 2nd Class and the other half is for 3rd to 6th class. The children are allowed to play freely and run in the yard.Over the last two years we have installed a soft pore surface for the children to play on.We have playground markings on the surface and we have also installed some playground equipment.The children receive two yard breaks in the day,small break is 10 minutes and lunch time is 30 minutes duration. We also have the use of a school field which the children play in when the weather is fine and ground conditions are good.

Do Your Talking As You Are Walking: We encourage the children to keep active as much as possible during their break and lunch times so therefore we encourage them to walk even when they are talking to their friends.

Breaktime and Lunchtime Soccer and Basketball: We have set up a soccer and basketball rota for 2nd to 6th class for each day of the week. The children can choose to play either games on their day or else choose freeplay.

Active Lines: Here are the children in their Active Lines doing their active routines at lunchtime everyday. The children do ‘Jog on the Spot on Mondays, ‘Heel Flicks on Tuesdays, ‘Scissor Kicks’ on Wednesdays, ‘Criss Cross on Thursdays and ‘Punch the Sky on Fridays. Thanks to all the 6th class pupils who lead the Active Lines and encourage all the children to get involved. Thanks also to the Active Committee who came up with Active Line activities and change them each term. The best classes to do their Active Lines receive extra Golden Time on Fridays as a reward.

Active Breaks and Rainy Day Breaks: We try as much as possible to get the children up and moving throughout the school day.We also ensure they get physical activity in their classrooms,even when it is raining and they are unable to go outside.The Active Committee compiled a list of physical activities that can be done very easily in our classrooms everyday.

Active Travel: In September,October and Term 3 in school (April-June) the boys and girls can walk to school if they wish to do so.Every Wednesday morning parents,children and teachers meet at Greenvale estate and walk to school. We also celebrate WOW Day (Walk on Wednesdays) in May and Bling your Bike Day in June. All the children are very creative when it comes to decorating their bikes!

Walk to School

National Walk to School Week May 2019



Bike Day:  Well done to all the boys and girls who cycled from Greenvale estate to school.We had a great turn out.Thank you also to all the parents who accompanied us on our cycle.


Local Clubs

School Survey and Local Clubs: The Active Committee recently conducted a survey about What Club are you in?’ with all the boys and girls in the school. We compiled all the results together and made a list of the top ten clubs in our locality.We drew a bar graph to show the results:

We are very lucky to have Doneraile Park very close to our school.We travel to Doneraile Park during the year for our Annual Sponsored Walk. There is a driving range on our doorstep and some children like to visit it to practise their golf skills.The Senior Classes travel to the driving range during Active Week.Some other clubs in our area that some children go to are Mallow Golf Club,Ballyclough GAA Club,North Cork A/C,Bill’s Horseriding Club,Doneraile GAA Club,Doneraile Golf Club and Kanturk Cycling Club. Throughout the year we invite coaches from some of our local clubs to visit us and they provide physical activities and games for all the classes.

Cork Sports Partnership: We are very much involved with the Cork Sports Partnership.They give us fantastic support throughout the year offering great opportunities to schools in relation to a variety of different sports we can get involved in, visiting coaches and fun events.So far this year,Ciarán provided basketball training to 5th and 6th class and Joe showed the pupils of 3rd and 4th class the techniques and fun involved with tug o war! 

Aquatics in Mallow Swimming Pool: Our pupils from Junior Infants to 6th Class  have swimming lessons each year over a 6 week term.Pupils throughout the school study the Land PAWS Programme of Water Safety as part of the SPHE Programme.This programme increases the pupils awareness of the need to take care around water.Congratulations to all the boys and girls in 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th class who took part in 6 weeks of swimming lessons in Mallow Swimming Pool. The children were awarded Ireland’s Primary Aquatics Water Safety Certificates on completion of their 6 week Aquatics programme. Well done everybody!

First Class

Second Class

Third Class


Fourth Class

Aquatics: Mallow Swimming Gala: Each year the pupils from 3rd to 6th class take part in the Mallow Swimming Gala Competition held at Mallow Swimming Pool.This year the Gala is on Wednesday 13th May. Trials to qualify for the swimming gala usually take place in April at Mallow Swimming Pool. The children enter the freestyle,backstroke,breaststroke and relay competitions.

Outdoor and Adventure : Annual Sponsored WalkWe held our annual sponsored walk in Doneraile Park on Tuesday 22nd October.Thank you to all who came and supported our sponsored walk in Doneraile Park. We were very lucky with the weather and the children really enjoyed the outing!

Games: Football and Fundamental Movement Skills with Pat Spratt,our local GDA Officer: Junior Infants,Senior Infants and 1st Class taking part and having a ball!

Games: Sciath na Scol Corcaigh: We have a long and proud tradition of working with Sciath na Scol to promote football and hurling.During the year we enter the Sciath na Scol Indoor and Outdoor Football,Hurling and Camogie Competitions for both boys and girls.Mr.O Donnell and Ms. Hanlon train the children every Monday evening after school in football and hurling.The children love when they get to represent their school,play as a team and wear the Baltydaniel jersey.

Games: Third Class Fun Hurling Blitz:  Well done to all the pupils in Third Class who travelled to Mallow GAA Complex today to take part in a Fun Hurling Blitz between all local schools around Mallow. The children had two mixed teams and played very well on the day.It was the first time for some children to play hurling as a team sport and a fun  and inclusive experience was enjoyed by all.Thank you to all the parents who supported and drove the children to the blitz.

Games: Peil Faoi Dhíon: The pupils of Fourth Class travelled to Mallow GAA Complex to take part in the Peil Faoi Dhíon competition. The children enjoyed some very competitive matches on the day.Well done to all.

Fourth Class Boys

Fourth Class Girls

Games: Second Class Fun Football Blitz: Well done to all the boys and girls in 2nd Class who travelled to Mallow GAA Complex recently to take part in a Second Class Fun Football Blitz.

Games: Tennis with Colin from The Mallow Tennis Club: Junior Infants,Senior Infants,1st and 2nd class

Games: Golf with LD Golf

Athletics: Cork City Sports: Each year we enter the Cork City Sports Athletics Competition held in CIT In Cork. Pupils from Junior Infants to 6th Class get the opportunity to take part in Athletic trials held in the school field to qualify for this competition.The qualifiers train during school time in the month of May and then travel to CIT in June.



Active Week ActivitiesNotice board

We have had an Active School Week every year since 2012.It is a great week where pupils swop uniforms for tracksuits or shorts.We are always looking for ways to keep our pupils active and having fun.The Active School Committee plays an important and active role in planning and organising the week of activities. Some of the activities run over the week include Activity Stations,Junior and Senior Soccer League,Sports Quiz,Jersey Day,Cork Red Day,Take on the Teachers Challenge,Tug of War,Novelty Races,Visiting Coaches in different sports who give taster sessions,Bouncy Castle and Ice Cream Van. The Active Week is one of the highlights of the school year and the children thoroughly enjoy it.

Activity Stations

Junior Soccer League Final

Novelty Races: The children went to the field and participated in novelty races with their class.Some of the novelty races included teddy bear races,sack races,egg and spoon races,obstacle course races,wheelbarrow races and beanbag races. Well done to all the boys and girls!


Take on the Teachers Challenge: The staff took on some of the children in a soccer match. It was great fun and quite competitive! 

Bouncy Castle and Ice Cream Van: To finish off our Active Week we decided it would be nice for the children to have a bouncy castle in the field. Each class got their own time slot to be on the bouncy castle…even the teachers and SNA’s had a go! Finally we invited our local Ice cream van to visit and everybody enjoyed a cone at the end of the day accompanied with music playing in the yard.