6th Class win Judges Award in VEX Robotics Competition

Intel Mini Scientist

Junior Infants Exploring with Magnets

5th Class Forces of Gravity Experiment

Junior Infants – Planting Seeds

National Marine Conference

Science Week

5th and 6th Class Visit to Blackrock Observatory


Mallow Maths & Science Fair

Great day at the Mallow Maths and Science Fair. Well done to 4th class who displayed their investigation on visual and auditory memory. Budding scientists for sure.



VEX Robotics Competition 2017 In CIT Cork

Balty Bot

RDS Primary Science Fair

SEAI Workshop with the Lifetime Lab

4th, 5th and 6th class enjoyed a visit from the Lifetime Lab where they took

part in a SEAI workshop on energy. This is part of our Greenschools programmes

VEX Robotic Competition

4th Class are taking part in the VEX Robotic Competition. They must design,

make and programme the robot to play the game. They must also make a presentation

on a project they have researched.

“Robotic Technology in Education”






6th Class make their own Volcanoes!

Baltydaniel Sponsored School Walk in Doneraile Park

Thanks to Yvonne Esaw for the fab pics!!

Munster Maths Science Fair 2016

Great day at the Munster Maths Science Fair in Mallow today. Our 6th class Bubbles experiment proved very popular with all the visitors.
Well done to all the pupils and Ms Condren their teacher and to Mr. Myers and Ms Galvin for helping out.

14572846_1011037419007593_7534392476194110539_n 14666289_1011965975581404_1723181052567959087_n 14666260_1011966135581388_8766682034938991489_n 14671211_1011966078914727_6776260877918436468_n 14650488_1011966035581398_861999142218508606_n 14724447_1011965978914737_8512491856724606707_n

The Clockhead Rap performed by 6th Class

Traffic Lights Experiment by Ryan, David, Zora and Ciara

Lighthouse Experiment by Luke, Alexia, Leah, Clodagh and Daniel

Pulley Experiment by Lauren, Josh, William and Molly


5th Class Science Lesson with Michael Browne

Thanks to Michael Browne lecturer from Mary Immaculate College Limerick who gave a lesson on electricity to 5th class. They learned about circuits, insulation and conductors. Great fun was had making switches and designing electric quiz boards.

Discover Ireland STEM Maths and Science Awards 2015/16

4th science and maths

Experiment with Tornadoes

6th Class Designing Bridges

 1916 Art Work from 6th Class

Step 1-Science 1 & 2- Environmental Awareness & Care, 2nd Class Nature

Step 1- Science 1- Environmental Awareness and Care- 2nd Class Nature Trail

Step 1- Science 2- Environmental Awareness and Care- 2nd Class Nature Trail 2

Step 1-Science 3- Living Things, Junior Infants Planting Potatoes

Step 1- Science 3- Living Things- Planting potatoes Junior Infants 01

Step 1-Science 4- Materials & Change, 3rd Class Making Teabags

Step 1- Science 4- Materials and Change-3rd Class Making Teabags

Step 1-Science 5 & 6- Materials & Change, Senior Infants Making Butter

Step 1- Science 6- Materials and Change- Making Butter Senior Infants 02 Step 1- Science 5- Materials and Change- Making Butter Senior Infants

Step 1-Science 7- Lifetime Lab Visit The School

Step 1- Science 7- Lifetime Lab Visit the School

Step 1-Science 8- Mallow Science Fair

Step 1- Science 8- Mallow Science Fair 01

Step 1-Science 9- Lifetime Lab Visit

Step 1- Science 9- Lifetime Lab Visit

Step 1-Science 10- Living Things, Intel Mini Scientist

Step 1- Science 10- Living Things- Intel mini Scientist

Step 1-Science 11 & 12- Forces, Exploring Surface Tension of Water

Step 1- Science 12- Forces- Exploring Surface tension of Water Step 1- Science 11- Forces- Exploring Surface Tesion of Water

Step 1-Science 13- 3rd Class Lifetime Lab Visit

Step 1- Science 13-3rd Class- Lifetime Lab visit

Step 2-Technology 1- Storybird Booklets

Step 2- Technology 2- Storybird booklets

Step 2-Technology 2- Measuring Reactions Using Computer Programme

Step 2- Technology 3- Measuring reactions using computer programme

Step 2-Technology 3- Internet Safety with Garda Liam Doyle

Step 2- Technology 5- Internet Safety with Garda Liam Doyle

Step 2-Technology 4- Scratch Guidelines

Step 2- Technology 6-Scratch guidelines

Step 3-Engineering 1 & 2- Engineers Week, Peeling a Raw Egg

Step 3- Engineering 2- Engineers Week- Peeling a raw egg Step 3- Engineering 1- Engineers Week- Peeling a raw egg 1st

Step 3-Engineering 3- Wing Span Difference

Step 3- Engineering 3- Wing Span Difference

Step 3-Engineering 4- Measuring Wing Span

Step 3- Engineering 4- Measuring Wing Span

Step 3-Engineering 5- Building and Construction in Aistear

Step 3- Engineering 5- Building and construction in Aistear

Step 4-Maths 1- 1st Class maths Trail

Step 4- Maths 1- MathsTrail 1st Class

Step 4-Maths 2- 4th Class Maths for Science, How much sugar is in your drink?

Step 4- Maths 2- 4th Class- Maths for Science- how much Sugar is in your drink

Step 4-Maths 3- 2nd Class Maths and Science Week Games

Step 4- Maths 3- 2nd Class Maths and Science Week Games

Step 4-Maths 4- Human Graph, Maths and Science Week

Step 4- Maths 4- Human Graph Maths and Science Week

Step 4-Maths 5 & 6- Senior Infants Maths & Science Week

Step 4- Maths 5- Senior Infants Maths and Science week 01 Step 4- Maths 4- Senior Infants Maths and Science Week 02

Step 4-Maths 7- 1st Class maths Trail

Step 4- Maths 6- Maths Trail 1st Class

Step 4-Maths 8- 100 Days of School

Step 4- Maths 8- 100 Days of School

Step 4-Maths 9- School Birthday Graph and Human Graph

Step 4- Maths 9- School Birthday Graph and Human Graph

Step 5-Show and Tell 1 & 2- 2016 RDS Primary Science Fair Mary I

Step 5- Show and Tell- 2016 RDS Primary Science Fair Mary I Step 5- Show and Tell- 2016 RDS Primary Science Fair Mary I

Step 5-Show and Tell 3 & 4- Intel Mini Scientist

Step 5- Show and Tell- Intel Mini Scientist Step 5- Show and Tell- 5th Intel mini Scientist

Step 5-Show and Tell 5- Mallow Science Fair

Step 5- Show and Tell- Mallow Science Fair

6th Class Acting the 1916 Rising

 Commemoration Day 15th March 2016

Baltydaniel NS marked Proclamation Day with a brief ceremony in the school yard this morning. The Student Council read aloud our New Generation Proclamation and raised our national flag while our school choir played and sang a variety of national music. Special thanks to Philip Cotter for playing our National Anthem on the pipes and to our parents and friends who joined us to celebrate this special occasion.

5th Class making Tea bags

 5th Class making Lava Lamps

Science lessons with Sylvia Darcy from the Patrician Academy Secondary School

Day 2Chemistry acid & bases

Day 1Physics investigating surface tension of water

Kevin Fitzpatrick holding a medal his grandfather’s uncle received for fighting against the British during 1916 Rising.

Day 1 – Physics investigating surface tension of water


Project Work on  The European Union

6th Class Project Work on Castles and The Normans


4th Class enjoying the RDS Primary Science Fair 2016 in Mary Immaculate College on Saturday 16th January

4th Class Project “Think Before You Drink”!!!



Claire Smith and Eimear Duignan took part in the 2nd round of the Intel Mini Scientist competition yesterday in Killavullen. Unfortunately they didn’t make it through to the next stage but the judges were very impressed with the standard of their project and their original idea. Their project was entitled ‘Limescale in the Home’.
Well done to both girls!!!


Intel Mini Scientist

Presentation of Irish Flag and Proclamation

We were delighted to welcome Gnr Paul O’Rourke and Sgt Chris Hoare to Baltydaniel today. They presented The Irish Flag to Alexia Apostu and The Irish Proclamation to Anfisa Safranova. We look forward to raising The Irish Flag along with other celebrations on 15th March 2016 to commemorate The 1916 Rising.

Intel Mini Scientist Prepartions

5th Class are very busy preparing for the Mini Intel Young Scientist Competition which will take place in our school during November. We have been very successful with this project over the last two years and continue to promote the STEM subjects throughout the year. Fingers crossed for all the boys and girls through the whole competition.

Science Workshop

For our biology workshop, the children investigated the starch, protein and fat content of certain foods and recorded their findings.